Panama Pete Adventures                                     

Location: Colon
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Departure Time:  9:00 AM
Minimum: 4
Originally developed by scientists to study the biodiversity found in the canopy of trees, the method involved rigging large trees with climbing gear, cables, ladders, etc.  By means of this gear, biologists were able to swing from one tree to another, over chasms and water, to study larger areas of the forest.  They also discovered it was a LOT of fun!   

This adventure allows just about anybody to rise to the top of the tree and switch on the adrenaline, as you swish through the air from one tree to another.  Unlike complete safety.  Once at the Canopy site a knowledgeable  guide will assist you in dawning the harness and safety equipment.  Your guide will give you a thorough briefing and what to expect to make the most of your experience.  Once you are ready, hook your harness to the cable and look out!  YOU ARE FLYING!  The series of platforms are sometimes located over 100 feet high and up to 450 feet apart, enough to wake you up!