Panama Pete Adventures                                    

Embera Encounters
Location: Chagres National Park
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Departure Time:  9:00 AM
Minimum: 4
Your adventure begins with an exciting dugout canoe ride on Lake Gatun once the largest artificial lake in the world until 1939.  The Emberá are a unique and beautiful people and as you inter their village, you soon forget the outside world as you are immersed in their cultural dance and music.  During our visit, we will see that the Emberá possess amazing botanical knowledge – most will be surprised to learn of their contributions to modern pharmaceuticals. Visitors are welcomed to paint our bodies as the Emberá do, with a natural fruit dye called Jagua which will last for about 2 weeks. You will also can view famed Emberá handicrafts specifically the Chung basket which take several weeks to months to weave.  Men spend a great amount of time carving Cocobolo wood and vegetable nuts known as rainforest ivory.  Lake Gatun is well known for its abundance of peacock bass and visitors are invited to eat lunch during their stay.  An exciting ride in a dugout canoe, a trek through the jungle, the opportunity to learn from a magical culture - all this in one day.