Panama Pete Adventures                                     

Location: Soberania National Park
Difficulty: Moderate
Departure Time:  9:00 AM
Minimum: 4
What a wonderful way to see the Panama Canal at a different pace. This incredible kayaking adventure puts you in the heart of the Panama Canal. Your adventure begins by traveling to Gamboa in the Soberania National Park. Here you will board your kayak and head towards the channel and see ships as they pass by.  After a few breathtaking photos, we continue east on the Chagres River to the Ruins of Venta de Cruces.  These ruins are the least seen in Panama due to the nature of its location.  The ruins are known as a haven for Howler & White faced monkeys. After exploring the area and walking a few meter on the famed road Camino de Cruces we get back in our kayaks and head north east.  Along the way we can witness the abundant wildlife and chances are great for spotting Toucans, Snail Kites and Ospreys. Some days we see more wildlife on this kayaking adventure than our nature trips. On rare occasions sightings of manatees which adds to the show Mother Nature puts on.  Of course no show would be complete without out the heart pumping moments when you see large crocodiles sunning themselves on banks.