Panama Pete Adventures                                   

Panama Canal Adventure
Location: Panama City
Difficulty: Easy
Departure Time:  8:00 AM
Minimum: 4
Panama is well known for the Canal and many would like to see more than just the locks. Some take a partial or full canal transit with hundreds of people on Saturdays and the experience is less than intimate. We thought it was time to Experience the Canal in away that would appeal to our adventurous types looking for a unique experience. After breakfast, you will travel to Amador causeway on the pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. From here you head to Balboa to the Administration building of the Panama Canal. Travel along the railroad passing by former military bases Albrook Airfield and Fort Clayton before arriving the first set of locks. With any luck, you will see vessels as they transit through Miraflores Locks. There is an excellent viewing Center recently opened that will help you understand this engineering marvel.

After about 2 hours, which will go by faster than you think, you then head north passing Pedro Miguel Locks, the smallest of all three locks to Gamboa. Gamboa, which is in the center of the 55,000-acre Soberania Park, on the banks of the Rio Chagres. Unlike most visitors who only peer at the canal from the locks, today you will take a fast boat through the Panama Canal and through Gatun Lake. We navigate our way up the waterway passing jungle islands and vessels making their way to Gatun Locks. After 2 hours of being in the canal you will be taken back to Gamboa.  During your boat adventure you will enjoy a box lunch in the middle of this beautiful theater of life call the Panama Canal.